Deep Dive 5: Town Character

about 1 year ago

During Saturday's Deep Dive #5 Meeting: "Town Character & Authenticity: The Built Environment," participants discussed the design, scale, and architecture of development in the planning area, and how those topics contribute to the character and authenticity of Holly Springs.  There was some discussion of the importance of recognizing and celebrating Holly Spring's cultural character, particularly some of its historic neighborhoods and the communities that built them.  Link to video of discussion:

What do you think are the most important elements that contribute to the character of Holly Springs' built environment?
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  • CarolinaGirl about 1 year ago
    Case Study: Additionally, you can take a walking tour of Historic Downtown Concord and there are QR codes on the buildings that give you a complete history of each structure. One way to give a nod to the historic vernacular of our town is through building codes and architectural aesthetics in new development projects.
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