Deep Dive 4: Transportation

about 1 year ago

During Saturday’s Deep Dive #4 Meeting: “Moving Around Town: The Transportation-Land Use Connection”, participants discussed the role of land use as the ‘demand’ factor in planning a more efficient, more comprehensive transportation system in Holly Springs.  One comment we heard was that "Our transportation system is totally reliant on automobiles, and the gaps and missing pieces in our greenways and sidewalks means we drive for even very short trips."  Link to video of discussion:

Thinking about the future, how would you prefer to travel between destinations in Holly Springs?  Home to Work?  Home to Shopping?  Home to School?  Click here to take a quick survey about preferred modes of transportation in Holly Springs.

As follow up discussion, how does the design of the NC 55 bypass (as a super street with prohibited left turns from the side streets) impact your decisions — the routes you take and the times of day you travel — to move between the east and west sides of town? 
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  • CarolinaGirl about 1 year ago
    Walkability and greenway system should certainly be prioritized if we want to retain that small town feel. Could you imagine trying to cross main street with 2 toddlers after school (rush hour traffic) trying to walk to Womble park? It would be terrifying and insane! It takes forever to get an opening in the traffic stream and I'm scared to turn left onto main in a car! 55 definitely bifurcates the town. I personally avoid the bypass as much as possible and tend to cross at Main where drivers can actually go straight across and use secondary roads to reach my destination. The cross town connectivity in HS is not great, and the bypass makes it worse. I hate U turns and even considered changing my child's school so I would be required to use the bypass less. To cross, instead of waiting for 1 light such as in a traditional intersection, I have to wait for 3 to cross the super street. Inefficient in my opinion, and everyone i've spoken with in regards to the superstreet model (outside of NCDOT) is not in support of it. As for moving traffic through HS, it is terribly backed up every workday. I would think it to our economic advantage for thru-traffic to stop and spend $$ in our town, but with the super street, those thru-traffic drivers cant even stop at the corner gas station conveniently.
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