Deep Dive 1: Just Big Enough

about 1 year ago

During Thursday's Deep Dive #1 Meeting: "Just Big Enough: Opportunities & Challenges of Continued Growth," participants discussed the mix of land uses in Holly Springs, in the context of the tax base, infrastructure, and future development potential. "It's just easier to build residential in Holly Springs" was a resonating comment.  Link to video of discussion:

What do you think about the mix of land uses in the Town?  What types of development do you think Holly Springs needs most in the future?

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  • CarolinaGirl about 1 year ago
    More Class-A office users contributing to the tax base would be a good thing. Local high paying employment will also keep Holly Springs residents from spending as large a percentage of their income in the surrounding communities where they work. And without opportunity for economic mobility above and beyond typical retailers' minimum wage jobs, the next generation will move away to be nearer opportunity. A complimentary mix of businesses and amenities, connectivity and accessibility (including walkability) and parks and greenways will all contribute to preserving the small town HS has grown from. Architectural decisions also affect the sence of place (small town feel).
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  • LoveHS about 1 year ago
    Wanting to preserve this small town has nothing to do with what’s easier or harder. I am happy that the town is planning the development of the town in the future. At the same time, the mantra seems to be develop, develop, develop. I have attended a couple of events, and the questions and activities always have an underlying premise of wanting to be a large city. Many people live in Holly Springs for the very reason it is a small town, and you don’t seem to be listening when we say that. You are cutting down the mature trees, packing in too many people for what traffic can hold, and building retail and apartments that won’t survive 20 years from now. There are already cities nearby for people who want that. But the small town with access to RTP and Raleigh is slipping away and we can never get that back.
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